Thursday, November 19, 2009

Custom handmade doll @ pinky mel


Since each doll is handmade, there are no two dolls alike. You can either select from our pre-made handmade doll selection or custom order your handmade doll by selecting the hair style, hair color and dress. There is a wide range of dress prints available and only a limited amount of dresses are made from any single print making each of dolls even more unique.

Each handmade doll has her own name and distinct personality. They are delivered to that special someone with a brief description on their personality trait. Millie’s Handmade Dolls are guaranteed to bring a smile to the person that has the privilege of owning one of them.

Monday, November 16, 2009

To make the birthday gift look worthy to being adored just personalize it. So, u can send your warm wishes in a unique way with help of birthday gift.


To preserve the precious moments of birthday, birthday gifts play a vital role. The recipient will remember you whenever he/she will see the gift in the coming years. Moreover, birthday gifts are some of the best means of sending birthday wishes on birthday.
Selecting a wonderful birthday gift ideas might be the toughest stage in the whole exercise. But you can overcome the hurdles just by following few rewarding steps. At the time of hunting a gift consider the hobbies, interest, age and relationship. So, you should be shrewdly informed about the trend and also its significance. Birthday gifts also symbolize token of love and high regards that you have towards the person.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Graduation doggie @ snoopy


Send your wishes to someone who has just passed the big test with this lovely and an adorable gift. Consisting of a handmade doll in academic suit and holding a small scroll, this is a gift surely be enjoyed by the happy graduate.
Give a big round applause to the graduate with this cute little snoopy. This joyful doll is certainly a gift no one would want to miss!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ordered from a good daddy & hubby...


This 2 dollies is ordered from my colleague as well. he is very cool and serious upon he sit in his office. However, last week he came to me and asked me to order 2 dollies which is one for her daughter and another one for his beloved wife. he told me that his wife's birthday is coming, he would like to give something cute and special for this year. In order to make his daughter happy also, so he decided to top up one more...he..he..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Black Little Piggy


I found a pair of purely black socks so, naturally, a piggy had to be the result! After some thought, I came up with this design. He has a pink embroidered nose, features outlined in black, black small beads at the eyes and little pointed ears. His limbs are designed so he can sit up, but he has short arms to look more cute. His body is round and fat. Rounded his neck is a white coloured ribbon, with silver sparkly stripe, so that you can give him a leash.

Black Little Piggy


black little piggy has been completed just yesterday. hopefully my piggy may able to find someone who lov him ~

Monday, November 2, 2009

doll shoes


This pair of shoes is special make for this doll as requested by Jessica. I never expect this pair of shoes spend me some time to complete it.

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